Business Intelligence is not in Software or Data!

This morning I stumbled on a YouTube video on Business Intelligence. I found it rather entertaining. It clearly showed the problem. It has nothing to do with the business protrayed not having a consolidated business intelligence platform, but it is the lack of management skill in the idiot at the head of the table.

Did you ever think about the naming principles of information technology? So much of it is absolutely ridiculous. ‘Revolution’ and ‘knowledge’ are for example heavily misused. The same is true for business intelligence. It has nothing to do with the ‘creative contemplation’ that intelligence truly is. It gathers masses of data that need complex covariation, correlation, and causation guesses to be usable. The data mining that Walmart uses for the sales data across its stores is virtually always misused to justify it. Just because numbers seem to correlate does not imply causation.

The video nicely portrays that true business intelligence is in the heads of the everyday employees, the hard working grunts. It is not in the heads or solutions of the mathematicians or techies and certainly not in the heads of C-level managers who scream at employees like in the movie. A great manager knows that he is nothing without his team. He is a facilitator and a provides his people with the best of means to do THEIR job. The problem with IT today is that it has become a means to reduce or control people and not to empower them. Change that and the agility that eveyone is looking for will be there without BPM and SOA. Creative destruction is needed. Get rid of complex IT!

YouTube on Business Intelligence

I am the founder and Chief Technology Officer of ISIS Papyrus Software, a medium size software company specializing in communications and process management. I wrote several books and hold a number of patents. My quest is to bring common sense to IT, mostly by focusing in human quality issues rather than cost saving, outsourcing and automation. I am also Chief Architect at VIPorbit software which provides mobile relationship management.

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