Customer Communication versus Adaptive Case Management?

I have been quieter on my blog for the last year as I did not see any noteworthy movement in the process and content management arena. But the recent CCM Magic Quadrant Report by Gartner Group needs to be commented in the light of our business and product strategy, that they fail to understand or more accurately chose to ignore. We have generally pretty good relationships with Gartner Group as we go to all their CIO conferences and we met many of our (also CCM) prospects there. I have thus no problem with Gartner but I find their analysts responsible for CCM lacking.

The Magic Quadrant reports by Gartner are not without criticisms and I personally find Gartner’s own claim in court that it is pure analyst opinion very telling. Gartner Group was the target of a federal lawsuit (filed May 29, 2009) from software vendor, ZL Technologies, challenging the “legitimacy” of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant rating system. Gartner filed a motion to dismiss by claiming First Amendment protection since it contends that its MQ reports contain “pure opinion,” which legally means individuals opinions which are not based on fact. 

At ISIS Papyrus Software, 2015 was one of our strongest growth years ever and much of it came from the completeness of our solution in content, process, integration and user front-end. We are both expanding our existing customer base into Adaptive Case Management (ACM) with inbound and outbound content and find new midsize customers who need a fully featured and consolidated solution that also provides Mobile functionality.

This broad offering of our Papyrus Platform is however a substantial problem for analysts because it does not fit the artificial market segments created for their reports. If analysts can’t compare they do not have a job and therefore no business. Thus what can’t be compared must be made comparable. Gartner Group has a substantial conflict of interest because they make more money with the vendors they rate than the business customers they are supposed to advise. We have been a leading vendor in Customer Communications Management (CCM) since WE CREATED the market space by consolidating document mass production, individual correspondence writing and postal and print management. We still are the leading vendor in functional capability and customer satisfaction as the specialist analyst firm Pentadoc recently states.

With the recently published Magic Quadrant for CCM by Gartner Group the following statement appeared in the beginning of their paper: ‘Isis Papyrus no longer meets our inclusion criteria and is transitioning to focus more on case management.‘ They intentionally wanted to make it look as if we no longer provide CCM solutions. We asked them to revise that statement and they declined. To be included in the CCM report you need to have your own software, have more than $10 million in revenue in two major regions, and must provide five customer references. We met those requirements, but the analysts at Gartner Group did however not spend more than ten minutes to look at our solution and showed no interest in the substantial functional enhancements that are our key differentiators. All they wanted was filled out checklists that contained mostly outdated questions mostly in regards to company market position and strategy.

After a few fruitless discussions, WE DECIDED to pull out of the study as it was  misrepresenting our product and our business, both within the CCM domain and especially with the consolidated functionality of our platform that is incredibly valuable to all our CCM customers. Gartner’s rating system is skewed to support large vendors and analyst darlings as it rates a simplistic perspective on CCM through checklists. The company ratings are purely subjective and weighted to enable any chosen outcome.

Gartner gets vendors to fall in line by saying that they ‘can’t opt-out of a marketplace study‘ so we declined to provide references, which in the previous study they had not even spoken too. Thus they state that we do not fulfill the participation criteria and say that we are not active in the CCM marketplace. While they at least mention many other vendors who did not meet the criteria, we were not even included there. To me that behavior is not professional at all, but whimsey, weak and childish. Gartner should really get rid of such analysts as they do hurt their reputation.

So what can you get from the report? Gartner analysts consider CCM a ‘strategy and a market fulfilled by applications that improve the creation, delivery, storage and retrieval of outbound and interactive communications. CCM supports the production of individualized customer messages, marketing collateral, new product introductions and transaction documents. CCM software composes, personalizes, formats and delivers content acquired from various sources into targeted and relevant electronic and physical communications between an enterprise and its customers, prospective customers and business partners. CCM software delivers targeted communications through a wide range of media including mobile, email, SMS, Web pages, social media sites and print.’ Given the way they rate it, one can do much of that with Microsoft Word.

There is no doubt that my core principle of CCM is valid: There is no process (aka customer interaction) without content and content without (being managed by) a process is waste. So to take a view into content creation and not consider how this must be integrated and managed through a process shows either a lack of understanding or other intent. CCM also requires the ability to consider and manage inbound content which ISIS Papyrus was the first to provide in an integrated manner. Already in 2000 a Gartner Group analyst said: ‚ISIS is this strange company who wants to combine scanning and printing and no one knows why.‘

But those Gartner analysts for the CCM market demand that it purely has evolved from the convergence of document printing and output management technologies. It is in fact so much more than a design tool, a composition engine, a workflow/rule engine and multichannel output management. They still discuss our 15 year old background of providing forms design. They claim that our software is ‘old’ because we were the first vendor to combine interactive documents with mass production in the output management channel! New York healthcare provider Wellpoint installed our system for 3000 users in 2002, ran it virtually unchanged for 10 years and then tried to replace it with a ‘more modern solution’ from the Magic Quadrant. They could not even replicate our ten year old software. After they lost two years trying this, we were asked to upgrade the system to our latest software functionality in 2014 and did that in less than three months. The reason is that what Gartner already considers a workflow capability and a (document) rule engine is rather funny. At the same time we designed for them a document component model that reduced the number of templates from 2500 to less than 300. Without the necessary version control and embedded development, test and rollout processes, changes to a document template become a nightmare. Getting an interactive document integrated into an application is at most corporations a large development project. Gartner isn’t interested in all that.

Rather than looking at the capabilities of the products and what benefits they bring to customers, those analysts want to assess everything through questionnaires only. One has to check off a broad list of feature sets, many rather ambiguous and quite irrelevant, missing many core functions we couldn’t sell without for decades. They can’t include those essential CCM features in the lists because we would be the only ones to have them. The rest is a convoluted mess of vendor viability, sales execution, market responsiveness, customer experience, operation assessment, market understanding, marketing, sales and product strategy, not to forget ‘innovation’ and ‘geographic presence.’ But as we had too many unique innovations they were considered not relevant to the CCM market. The weighting is such that the product and service become in the end fairly irrelevant if they rate you low in any of the other areas. With this scheme it is easy to create any rating desired especially if you consider that all ratings are pure opinion!

The simple fact is: The Papyrus Platform is the leading CCM capability in content and process functionality and we are known for our outstanding service quality. If you are interested in CCM then we can show that leading capability in a two week Proof of Concept installation of our platform, which we charge for as professionals and then you REALLY know what such a system can do. You won’t learn that from an analyst ‘Magic Quadrant’ pure analyst opinion.

As it happens, the standalone CCM market is also in saturation. The ‘customer experience’ projects are about content becoming an embedded capability in customer and partner collaboration. So we are not moving away from CCM as Gartner tries to make you believe but we have given it its long-needed home inside customer-focused applications. Yes, we have more new CCM projects with Adaptive Case Management as the driver of content related processes.

I am the founder and Chief Technology Officer of Papyrus Software, a medium size software company offering solutions in communications and process management around the globe. I am also the owner and CEO of MJP Racing, a motorsports company focused on Rallycross or RX, a form of circuit racing on mixed surfaces that has been around for 40 years. I hold 8 national and international championship titles in RX. My team participates in the World Championship along Petter Solberg, Sebastian Loeb and Ken Block.

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