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My name is Max. J. Pucher and I am the Founder and Chief Technology Officer of ISIS Papyrus Software. I started my career with IBM where I worked internationally – including 3 years in Saudi Arabia – in hardware engineering, consulting and finally sales.

In 1988 I founded what is today the ISIS Papyrus Group. Today it is a medium size, but global software business with Fortune 1000 clients. My concept is to grow with the market and not outgrow our own ability to deliver quality, have employees who enjoy working for ISIS Papyrus, and last but not least make a good profit. This magic triangle keeps a business from faltering in turbulent times.

In terms of software solutions for businesses I believe that business data and content need to be accessed in context by the business user and not just encoded into programs or processes. Old-Style BPM is a straight-jacket for any business. I promote Adaptive Process or ACM, meaning technology that augments employees and empowers customers rather than automating their work or knowledge.

Long before PDF, I was among the first to propose the ‘electronic original’ for formatted outbound documents when others still created line-mode print streams. I designed the core technology for the Papyrus Platform with its business architecture repository, distributed OO transaction engine and its embedded object relational DB. I have software patents in the area of Artificial Intelligence or better Machine Learning for the so-called User-Trained Agent, a machine learning component for process management. It monitors the process for user activity and discovers in real-time the complex patterns that represent ‘actionable knowledge’, which it will recommend.

Max J. Pucher – Chief Architect ISIS Papyrus Software

My interests are film making, photography, music (more writing than performing), philosophy, and would you believe it – quantum physics. You can read my musings on my Quantum Resonance blog.

I love sports like skiing, scuba diving and did some Paragliding until hindered by a (not related) spinal injury. I still do a lot of motorcycling, sailing and powerboating. I hold a RYA Yachtmaster Offshore certificate and travelled most of the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, with a sprinkle of sailing in Thailand, but have not done that much boating lately.

In 2014 I got back into racing, having done so a long time ago. Motocross, Superbike and Rally are way to dangerous these days for my taste so therefore I decided to enter the Rallycross scene. After a few years of national and international racing, after 8 championship titles and building my own World Championship team, I am now focused on creating the Global Rallycross Europe for 2019 to fill the gap between national and world championship level Rallycross.

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  1. greg zak says:

    Hi Max:

    I am a java programmer located in New Jersey/USA. I came across your blog post about flex versus papyrus eye. I became very interested not only in your company’s product line by researching- see below, but in YOUR mindset of how internally a dev environment should be designed.
    I have personally been researching several products, mostly open source, so that I can then have “enabling technology’ with which to build consistently – extensible,adaptable & integrating software base on a stable/agile platform. Some software that I reviewed and looked at are but not limited to: Skywaysoftware,metacase,mimacocm,atomikos,compiere,openbravo and workday…

    I love the idea of one view that can be both used in desktop as well as web presentation mode. My reason for this email is to find out if the Papyrus platform/ EYE is available to be used by 3rd party developers ?I would use the platform to develop a financial services platform – specifically the retirement sector. I also have plans to create several other projects in other industries. Greg.


    • Max Pucher says:

      Greg, thank you for the interest in my blog! I am glad we agree on the approach. At this point in time we do not have the concept of selling the applications, but rather we sell the platform to make the applications freely available. We fell that most applications in the BPM, CRM, and ECM arena should be a single consolidated one that users can customize themselves. We are currently identifying what applications we would need to build to speed up the adaption process. I understand that you would want to sell applications, correct?


  2. Frank Hindmarch says:

    Hi Max … We met at last years 20th at the Hofburg! My pleasure … I’ve followed your ‘blogs’ etc. with interest & I know your liking for philosophy & quantum physics … so … how about ‘Heizenbergs Uncertainty’, apply that to software development and we near the holy grail in my mind, Heizenberg=”That which we observe, we change” in essence … lets kill off a whole strata of life, rid ourselves of business analysts and talk to our REAL customers … ‘The Customers/Users’ … maybe you could do what Star Trek did and invent the ‘Heizenberg Compensator’ … Ultimate regards & Best wishes to yourself & Annemarie!



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