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Will knowledge work be the only way to stay employed?

The above question appeared a few days ago on prompted by a post that suggested as much. I propose however that the perspectives are rather shortsighted. I do not even see BPM as the employee-eating monster as some seem

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The Wisdom of the Great Shaman of Kuusamo

Coming in from the freezing cold of the night into the tent made my goggles fog up. That and dim light of the few logs burning at the fireplace in the center made it hard to see. There were a

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Could BPM have saved RIM, Kodak, or Blockbuster?

John Wenger wrote this fantastic post on the subject of complexity and uncertainty, reminding control freaks that they exhibit ignorance when they demand that economy and business do not follow the laws of nature. He reiterates so many points I have

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Naive Intervention – Part 3: Illusions of Predictability in Investment Theory and BPM

In part 1 of these series I discussed the concept of Naive Intervention as a response to purely human need of causal narratives, while no such thing exists outside our brain. In part 2 I discussed the priority of survival

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Naive Intervention Part 2: It is a Matter of Survival, not Efficiency!

In Part 1 of this series I covered the problem that humans grossly overestimate our human rational capability and the power of non-emotional narrative in the form of theories and models. In this post on risk assessment and decision making I continue to quote freely from

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BPM vs. BPMS: How To Think Big and Act Small

Before I get into the actual HOW-TO part, let me reiterate another perspective as to why current BPM approaches and/or BPMS are so lacking. Rather than being upset about my critical observations, the BPM community should use the opportunity for

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Sapere Aude – An Age of Enlightenment for Business?

A few weeks ago Keith Swenson asked me if our current age has been considered or named in the sense of a further step in our human evolution, much as it happened during The Enlightenment or The Age of Reason.

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