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Go Home and Destroy Something!

I have just completed reading Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs. In the last few pages he recalls a conversation that he had with Steve a few weeks before his death. Like me Steve Jobs has spent time to study

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From Vertical to Horizontal Integration

The announcement of the Amazon Kindle Fire touchpad gave me quite some food for thought. It has to do with the concepts of application development and deployment that I will come back to at the end. The Internet teaches us

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Design: Art Applied to Productivity

I just read an interview in the Spanish daily ‘El Pais’ in which the Spanish designer Manuel Estrada said: ‘El diseno es una suma entre la economia y el arte, es el arte aplicado a la activitidad productiva.’ I would

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Gartner Group 2020: The De-routinization of Work

Not so long ago I had an inquiry call with Tom Austin, vice president and Gartner fellow. We talked about the Information Workplace and my approach that businesses are not predictable, decomposable structures, but complex adaptive systems like everything that

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Perceptions are Reality!

Recently, I had a long phone conversation with a gentleman who knows what he is talking about: Michael Krigsman. His core interest are the causes and prevention of IT failures in the enterprise software industry. His background in developing tools

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Ignore Technology At Your Peril

I swiped the title of this post from a Financial Times article by Robert Galliers of Bentley University, with whom I agree that it is utterly important that executives gain an understanding what technology can and cannot do. That understanding

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Back To The Future: Open Standards!

I have decided to focus more on dynamic user interfaces, making the definition of processes even easier in our Papyrus Platform, and YES, I won’t waste any more time bemoaning the drawbacks of ‘standards’ – XML based or not.

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