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Steve Jobs about Process and Content

I just found ‘The Lost Interview’ with Steve Jobs on Netflix and watched it again. Suddenly he starts to talk about process and content and I am startled because he is using my words. But he is not just talking

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Can A Great Customer Experience Be Designed?

The simple and fast answer? NO! Why not, you might ask? Because of what design really means. The late Steve Jobs said: ‚Design is not about the way it looks but about the way it works!‘ We intuitively know that

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SWOT Thy Best Practice Benchmarks!

Following my recent conversations with executives about turning strategy into outcomes, I had the opportunity to experience  first hand the lack of IT and process alignment from the other end – as a customer. A few days ago we got

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Redefining BPM? Who wants that?

Various posts by David Moser, Keith Swenson and Jim Sinur have covered the subject of redefining the meaning of BPM or Business Process Management. For consultants BPM already means a management concept and not a product or market. I usually

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Agile-, AdHoc-, Dynamic-, Social-, or Adaptive BPM

I am pleased to inform you that we have just published ‘Mastering the Unpredictable’ with the substantial support of Keith Swenson, and it is not too soon. The subject of adaptive processes is heating up as you might have read.

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Gartner Group predicts Adaptive Process Trend

After posting this, I now realize that I need to thank analyst Janelle Hill (and colleagues) for making their predictions on BPM despite my disappointments with Gartner Group in the past. As a matter of fact, they are now validating

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BPM Swimming Lessions

Recently several online discussions and posts cover the subject of swimlane diagrams. Most voice concern that swimlane diagrams allow process fragmentation during design. It shows that process diagrams are being considered as a substitute for reality rather than a learning

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