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The Social BPM Handbook 2011

I was recently invited to participate in the ‘Social BPM Handbook 2011’ to be published by Future Strategies in June 2011. This is an important subject covered by a great collection of expert articles. Nevertheless, I need to say that

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The Social Workplace on your iPad

The upcoming yearend fuels the predictions on the future of process and content management and social collaboration. Most are however focused on the features of the various software product categories and not on the needs of the business user. Even

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Agile BPM versus Adaptive Case Management: Again?

Why is there an ACM versus BPM debate? There is this assumption that ACM is in some way anti-BPM. This is wrong for a number of reasons. First there is the human interaction between different people, such as various vendors,

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Agile-, AdHoc-, Dynamic-, Social-, or Adaptive BPM

I am pleased to inform you that we have just published ‘Mastering the Unpredictable’ with the substantial support of Keith Swenson, and it is not too soon. The subject of adaptive processes is heating up as you might have read.

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Making Empowerment Work

Some BPM consultants propose that processes are the most important corporate asset. I disagree because a process is an abstract entity that produces no value. Value is defined by human interaction in the real world. While abstract processes promise to

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‘State/Event’ Dynamics of Facebook and Twitter

Would you call every person you know and tell them that you have arrived at a certain location? Would you send an email to your complete email directory that you are currently reading a certain book? Would you print a

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RIA is just another buzzword – Focus on the USER!

While RIA – meaning more than just HTML/CSS enabled presentation – is certainly the way to go, can we come off the acronyms and technology buzz? Please? What is RIA about? Giving the user what he needs, and the most

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