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Back-Office Applications versus Digital Collaboration

You will have noticed by now that I have retracted from the rather useless BPM versus ACM discussion. One reason is that as I predicted many years ago, the approach used in ACM has been assimilated by the big BPM

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The future is Machine Learning, not programs or processes.

I was once again voted the most outspoken BPM blogger on earth. Hey, why not the universe? But thanks for the mention. I won’t however waste my and your time on BPM predictions for next year and rather discuss the

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BPM plus CM is not Adaptive Case Management

My previous blog post caused once again quite some stir with various BPM proponents who feel deeply insulted that I do not accept their expertize in optimizing businesses. I am simply not into superstition. I am ok with Astrology though.

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A Real-World Assessment of the Process Mining Manifesto

In this post I analyze the business feasibility and solution scope presented in the Process Mining Manifesto (PMM) by the IEEE Task Force on Process Mining (PM). Presenting a manifesto is ‘a declaration of principles and intentions’ – as the

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Adaptive Process Defined!

Following discussions in the LinkedIn ACM Group I am presenting here the shortest possible definition of Adaptive Process. I propose that it involves three distinct paradigm shifts: Adaptive Process is a productive system that deploys not only the organization and

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