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Process Maturity versus The Real World of the Higgs Boson

A lot has been written about process maturity. The different approaches proposed have as highest rating the ‘Optimized Stage’ of maturity, where continuous process improvement is enabled by feedback and by applying innovative ideas in an agile manner. Sounds good,

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Goal-Orientation in Process Management

As ‘goal-orientation’ has become another buzzword for BPM I will summarize here the state-of-the-art. The concept of ‘goal-orientation’ is not a new IT term but used in psychology, economy, organizational theory and recently in agent-based artificial intelligence research. Even J.

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Gartner Group 2011: Intelligent Business Operations

At the Gartner Portal and Collaboration conference in London I had the opportunity for a long conversation with Gartner Fellow Tom Austin about Pattern-Based Strategy and People-Centric Computing. I was surprised that he was surprised that I felt that these

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Customer Perceptions and Mobile

When I talk to CEOs and even CIOs lately they see the rapidly evolving consumer market with Mobile and Cloud not yet as a strategic issue. That aligns with Gartner research that recently said that the 60% of businesses see

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Why a Business Architecture?

The main goal of a Business Architecture (as a subset of Enterprise Architecture) is to enable the business to improve customer service quality through a better transparency, flexibility and adaptability of business operations. The market environment changes more rapidly and

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