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A Real-World Assessment of the Process Mining Manifesto

In this post I analyze the business feasibility and solution scope presented in the Process Mining Manifesto (PMM) by the IEEE Task Force on Process Mining (PM). Presenting a manifesto is ‘a declaration of principles and intentions’ – as the

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ACM and BPM: A Battle of The Hemispheres?

Because there are already enough predictions on BPM for 2012, I will rather discuss how and why we try to predict things, including processes. This post also explains why my research into software systems focuses since 1997 on both entity

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Adaptive Case Management: Basic, Full, or Strategic?

I am all for a commonly agreed definition of ACM as long as it does not limit the necessary benefits for business. I propose that ACM has been pretty well-defined already, but because so many vendors – either BPM or

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Does BPEL matter? (part 1)

I always thought that BPEL or Business Process Execution Language (an XML format) was created so that process definitions should be interchangeable between BPM vendors. The truth is that any product (BPM or not) locks a customer in, one way

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Making sense of: KMWorld – Best Practices in BPM 2008

I just read a January 2008 KMWorld collection of White Papers and here is my take on it. I particularly like Editoral Director Andy Moore’s musings on the BPM market. Moore first asks why business intelligence vendors (BI) are disappearing

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