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When to use a flow-diagram for process and when not.

As you might have noticed, I am an outspoken opponent of using flow-diagrams for designing the human interactions of business processes. In my previous post I said that processes are just one representation of what constitutes a ‘customer experience’. A

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Goal-Orientation in Process Management

As ‘goal-orientation’ has become another buzzword for BPM I will summarize here the state-of-the-art. The concept of ‘goal-orientation’ is not a new IT term but used in psychology, economy, organizational theory and recently in agent-based artificial intelligence research. Even J.

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Business Innovation: Killed by ROI?

Is innovation a strategic, operational or process related activity? If a worker performs a new activity that substantially betters a result is that also innovation? Or is just a new product or entering a new market innovation? Does innovation happen

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